Short Course Program Collaboration ISI Yogyakarta and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

ISI Yogyakarta did collaboration program in the form of Short Course with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore (on June 17 untill July 17, 2019). This program involves 29 Theater Student of NAFA and seven lectures (also some students) from ISI Yogyakarta. The lecturer who involved in this program consists of lecturer from karawitan, pedalangan, dance, and theater departments. This program held for about one month, and in the end of the Course, all student of NAFA must carry out presentations. All activities, including lecturer and final performance (showcase) are carried out in the Faculty of Performing Arts, ISI Yogyakarta.

Lecturer activities were divided in four different classes according to the specific course. So, theater course was held in theater department, ‘wayang kulit’ in pedalangan departments, and so on. Student of NAFA were divided according to their interest subject. Nine students take the course in theater department (guided by Mr. Rano, M.Sn.), ten students in dance department (Guided by Miss Uni Yuta, M.Sn), three students in pedalangan (guided by Mr. Krisna, M.Sn.), and the rest took the karawitan program (guided by Mr. Anon Suneko, M.Sn.).

After all student finish the course for almost three weeks, they must prepared themselves for presentation on the last day. The program of final presentation consist of: Sekar Pudyastuti (dance show in the traditional style with six dancer from NAFA), Anoman Obong (‘wayang kulit’ show with story about Hanoman who burned but still alive), Gamelan show from student of NAFA and ISI Yogyakarta, Whisper from Kingdom (new creation dance from NAFA student with three dancer), Rama and Shinta (theater show from nine students of NAFA), and New Creation Dance (combination of modern and ethnic dance which arranged by student of NAFA, consist of ten dancer).